In 2014, inspired by projects and collaborations that did not fit the traditional VJ mold, Daniel Anderson initiated k̄nautwerk, an umbrella project that seeks to apply technology as an artistic medium. Not limited to VJing, k̄nautwerk is concerned with creating unique experiences through light, sculpture, interaction, and technology-based media. The goal of k̄nautwerk is to create experiences that transcend their technological and organic media to create a fleeting sense of the impossible made present.

  • k̄naut: portmanteau of "knot" (to fasten by interweaving) and "naut" (Greek for "sailor" or "explorer").
  • werk: Old Dutch/obsolete form of "work", meaning production, skill, or craft.

Major Showings

  • Arise Festival - CO, 2015
  • Union of the Kingdoms Festival - CA, May, 2015
  • Lucidity Festival - CA, April, 2015
  • Skinetic Zone (with Footloose Productions) - SF, November, 2014
  • KELLS - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - SF, October, 2014
  • Arise Festival - CA, 2014


"The effect was an overall feeling of childlike wonder as you entered into the gallery. Memories of the science museum when you were a child, and a sense of magic experienced through technological mysticism."

- Annie Stardust, Art Director of Arise Festival (2015, 2014)